Mitchell Acoustics has announced the launch of uStream One, a Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo music system featuring two identical speakers at an affordable price point.

Mitchell Acoustics is headed up by Paul Mitchell, a professional musician and previously known as part of the management team of the British hifi brand Mitchell & Johnson.

Mitchell Acoustics uSream One loudspeaker system

Active Speakers

Easy to set up, the two bookshelf or stand mounted active speakers deploy the latest in True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Bluetooth technology to connect to each other with no cable between the two. Simply plug into mains power and switch on, configure and they are ready for a Bluetooth playback source to be paired to them as a single device.

Working with Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant, you can use your voice to tell the speakers to play your music, controlling from your smartphone.

The Mitchell Acoustics uSream One loudspeaker system features custom Clarit drivers

Custom Drivers

The uStream One wireless speaker system features custom designed driver units. While best performance comes when they are used on stands, the uStream One will happily work on a bookshelf or any suitable furniture. A benefit of uStream One is that there are no additional electronics or cables to clutter your living space.

Sound quality is ensured with a Clarit designed woofer with metal alloy diaphragm capable of delivering low frequency (bass) sound smoothly and with control. The same bespoke technology drives the tweeters.

“We were determined to create a stylish speaker system for modern living” commented Paul Mitchell on the development of the uStream One. “The way people listen to, and access music, has changed dramatically in recent years. On average, consumers spend nearly 18 hours per week listening to music, the majority through on-demand streaming via a variety of devices, many of these being of single-speaker form with poor-quality mono sound. Lifestyle has driven a decline in people using traditional hi-fi systems, with their many ‘boxes & cables’ leading to their inevitable banishment to the attic. There is a big revival in vinyl which has rekindled interest in the ‘retro’ sound with the ritual of listening to records influencing a new generation to care about the quality of what they hear, rediscovering the joy of stereo sound, hearing music as it was originally intended. These consumers are now buying wireless speakers, which has become the largest growth segment in audio, with TWS Bluetooth speakers being the most popular.”

Mitchell Acoustics uSream One loudspeaker system work on stands or other surfaces around the home

Clarit British Designed Speaker Drivers

Woofer (Bass Driver). The proprietary woofer design consists of a 500g (20oz) neodymium front and back magnet set, low frequency response plus metal alloy cone, voice coil and spider for the delivery of mid and high frequencies and is combined with metal alloy dust cap to protect the cone from damage.

Tweeter Design. As with the woofer design, the proprietary design tweeter also features the same neodymium magnet along with a metal alloy diaphragm and composite flexible dust cap for protection of the driver.

Mitchell Acoustics uSream One loudspeakers rear panel

Price And Availability

The uStream One available in durable high-gloss piano black or white finish and comes with an infra-red remote control.


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