Monitor Audio’s enduring Gold Series speaker line has been refined with significant design upgrades says the company’s latest press release. The new line is monitor_audio_golddubbed simply ‘Gold’ to reflect the purity of the latest addition to a decade-long lineage.

While it duplicates the form-factor of the Gold GX range it replaces, the new eight-strong line-up is equipped with a trinity of enhancements including an evolution of the C-CAM® Rigid Surface Technology (RST®) bass cone employed by the Gold GR and Gold GS predecessors; tighter production tolerances for its advanced C-CAM ribbon tweeter, and a smarter more functional grille design.
The Gold series ribbon is derived from the Platinum C-CAM ribbon transducer. The company say tha the new tweeter is “Mechanically identical to the GX ribbon but by improving production tolerances even further we’ve discovered that the new model offers a consistently more open and transparent sound. In part, the sense of greater detail and enhanced imaging may be attributed to the closer matching of tweeter pairs in each stereo system. The ribbon’s fabulously efficient wideband design reproduces the authentic tonal character of frequencies beyond 60kHz, as well as the inherent nature of the mid-band vocal region to which the ear is most sensitive”.
The Gold series bass units utilise an evolved version of the dimpled RST cone surface introduced on the Gold GR and GS ranges. It takes the form of a continuous radiating dish devoid of the central voice-coil aperture. Instead, a longer voice coil and larger motor sit behind the cone in a more efficient drive assembly, which Monitor Audio say offers greater drive force, longer excursions and lower distortion, producing cleaner, more extended and accurate bass definition.
Available in dark walnut and piano ebony wood veneers as well as high gloss white and black finishes, each cabinet is curved and rigid, aided by radial bracing and bolt-through driver fixings, New Gold’s HiVe®II reflex port is shaped to have the same effect on airflow as a gun barrel on a bullet.
The range consists of the Gold 50 standmount (5.5″ RST bass driver and C-CAM ribbon tweeter), Gold 100 standmount (6.5″ RST bass driver and C-CAM ribbon tweeter), Gold 200 floorstander (three way, 5.5″ bass driver, 4″ mid driver and ribbon tweeter), Gold 300 (6.5″ bass driver, 4″ mid driver and ribbon tweeter). There are also the Gold C150 cpmact centre speaker and Gold C350 centre speaker.
In addition to the conventional speakers outlines Monitor Audio have also introduced the Gold FX to provide direct or ambient surround sound and the Gold W15 subwoofer.
The range will be avaialble in February 2015 and priced as follows.:
Standard price for dark walnut, high gloss white, Piano black gloss.
Gold 50 £950, Piano Ebony finish £1,140 pair / Gold 100 £1,250, Piano Ebony £1,500 pair / Gold 200 £2,300, Piano Ebony £2,760 pair / Gold 300 £3,000, Piano Ebony £3,600 pair / Gold C150 £650, Piano Ebony £780 single / Gold C350 £1,000, Piano Ebony £1,200 single / Gold FX £700, Piano Ebony £840 single / Gold W15 £1,750, Piano Ebony £2,100 single / Gold 100 Stand £350 pair / Gold C350 stand £325


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