Monrio’s MC207 is the Italian company’s largest and most powerful integrated amplifier. The Monrio MC series of integrated amplifiers is one of their core product ranges the model line-up so far consisted of the MC 202, MC200, MC 205 and MC207. With the MC 207- MKII ,they are now introducing a further refined version of the MC 207, featuring the latest circuit topology and materials.

The circuitry of the MC 207- MKII remains essentially unchanged, relying now on a single large printed circuit board capable of receiving all the necessary updates in order to keep the amp up to date with current market demands.

The main board carries the output stage and the power supply whilst the sub-board carries the low-level audio stage. The power transistors used in the output stage are designed for audio application, with good dependence of fT on current and good HF characteristic. By connecting these devices in a quasi-complementary (all transistors used are of NPN type) configuration, the MC 207-MKII delivers power output capabilities rated for 140 watts into 8 ohms. This arrangement of high-current power transistors allowing the amplifier to drive even very low impedance loads.

The MC 207-MKII features one 500 VA power transformer and four large electrolytic capacitors rated for 10.000 uF each, it also offers four line high level inputs, a dedicated unity gain A / V Direct input for use with a processor in a home theatre system as a stereo amp for the front channels or surround channels and tape output. It features a pre-out that allows direct connection of a sub-woofer or the possibility of using a stereo amp for any additional bi-amp connections. An optional USB module is available that allows the MC 207- MKII to be connected to an internet network.


INPUTS: 4 pair single-ended via RCA connectors
A/V Direct inpu: 1 pair single-ended via RCA connectors
LINE OUTPUT (pre out): 1 pair single-ended via RCA connectors
TAPE OUTPUT t: 1 pair single-ended via RCA connectors
USB Input (Optional): 1 USB Type B jack
SPEAKER OUTPUT: 4 loudspeaker 5-way Gold Plated Binding Post
DIMENSION: 438(w) x 94 (h) x 377,50(d) mm
WEIGHT: 15 Kg.

OUTPUT POWER: 8 Ohms 140 W/ch.
OUTPUT POWER: 4 Ohms 280 W/ch.
THD: 0.03% (1kHz, 8 Ohms)
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 10-100kHz, +/- 0.01 dB into 8 Ohms
SIGNAL-TO-NOISE ATIO: 4dB – Unweighted
TRANSFORMERS – Toroidal Power Transformer 500VA.
MAINS VOLTAGE: 105/115 – 220/240 VAC




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