As part of the series of special events and product launches to celebrate its 40th anniversary, MOON is creating an “iconic audio system”.

The MOON Anniversary Edition will feature the 680D streaming DAC and the 600i v2 integrated amplifier. Each model will be finished in a beautiful colourway designed to give a contemporary look together with a discreet style cue recalling MOON’s 1980 genesis.

Designed for audiophiles who will enjoy owning a part of MOON’s audio heritage, this statement system will, say MOON, “delight listeners with its revelatory audio performance”.

Limited Edition

With a production run of just forty systems,the MOON Anniversary Edition is will have its full details, including the additional colour-matched components in the package, revealed over the coming weeks.

The MOON Anniversary Edition will receive its first public showcase at The UK Hi-Fi Show Live on the 19th and 20th September 2020.

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