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The American makers of valve-based audio technology have redesigned the company’s Reference Series power amps to ’SE’ status, replacing the KT120 valve with the newly introduced KT150 to deliver significant performance upgrades. The Reference 75 SE, Reference 150 SE and Reference 250 SE are on show, along with the forthcoming Reference Phono 3 phono preamplifier and the recently launched G-Series integrated amp for both digital and analogue sources, the GSi75.AR_CES_2016

Crystal Cable

Dutch company Crystal Cable promises a host of surprises at CES 2016. It’s all hush-hush, but the company’s latest speaker, the Minissimo Diamond with its proprietary diamond tweeter, is sure to be present, as is the company’s latest range of cables for hi-res portable audio devices.CrystalCable_CES_2016

Dan D’Agostino

Krell’s legendary founder launches the latest addition to his Momentum range, the Momentum Phonostage, whilst unveiling the all-new Progession line with the Progression Mono. D’Agostino’s first amp with wireless streaming via AirPlay and Bluetooth, the amazing Momentum Lifestyle Amplifier, will also be present as full production finally draws near.



Maker of turntables for vinyl records, European Audio Team is showcasing its entire range including its new entry-level model, the C-Major. This is essentially a lightly stripped back version of EAT’s C-Sharp turntable, featuring a similar suspended carbon fibre sub-chassis with a new aluminium platter to create EAT’s most affordable deck yet.EAT_CES_2016


America’s preeminent high-end audio brand shows its range of top-notch audio electronics, including the Digital Vanguard, which takes Krell’s Vanguard integrated amp and adds a host of digital connectivity options including streaming via USB and Ethernet, plus Bluetooth with aptX support.



When it comes to ultra-high-end speakers, no manufacturer has made a bigger splash in the last 10 years than California’s Magico. The company’s latest is the S7, the new flagship of Magico’s more ‘affordable’ S Series.MAGICO_CES_2016


Kansas-based MartinLogan makes hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers, and its new flagship, the Neolith, is its best design yet. Three years in the making, Neolith combines a huge electrostatic radiating surface with front- and rear-firing subwoofers to deliver a deep, broad soundstage with stunning speed and clarity – we’ve heard it here at Hifi Pig and loved it!NEOLITH_CES_2016

Metronome Technologies

The Gallic digital audio specialist shows off its Music Center 1, a music server and CD player combined. The company’s DAC range is also being refreshed with new DSD-capable models.MET_CES_2016


PrimaLuna continues to expand its range with its new, range topping amplifiers: the Dialogue Premium HP (‘HP’ for ‘High Power’) integrated amplifier and power amplifier.primaluna_CES_2016

Sonus faber

Italian loudspeaker maker shows the latest addition to its flagship Homage range:Il Cremonese, a floorstander named after one of Antonio Stradivario’s most famous violins and featuring technology derived from the Lilium loudspeaker. Other highlights include the company’s award-winning, entry-level Chameleon collection, clad in leather with interchangeable coloured side panels.  SF_CES_2016

Theta Digital

US-based Theta Digital is showcasing the latest versions of its Casablanca Music and Cinema Controller – a multichannel preamp/processor. The Casablanca IVa adds decoding for the new 3D audio formats Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D, whilst also being ready for DTS:X, and maintains the innovations of the standard Casablanca IV, like Dirac Live 96K digital room correction and Theta’s proprietary Jitter Jail II anti-jitter technology. The Casablanca V, meanwhile, doubles the number of available channels to 24, and there’s also a new modular power amplifier called the Dreadnaught IV.THETA_CES_2016

Transparent Audio

US-based cable specialist Transparent will show off its latest Generation 5 cable designs, from the entry-level High Performance series to the top-end Magnum Opus range complete with the company’s most advanced noise-reducing Transparent network.8CA4FADF-6AFC-43B8-BF6B-684316BA3D29 (1)

Wadia Digital

New York’s digital audio pioneer showcases its range of DACs and digital power amps, from the flagship 300 Series to the compact 100 Series.WADIA_CES_2016

As previously mentioned in Hifi Pig News, Constellation Audio and Wilson Audio will be making significant launches at CES 2016










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