Monster is diversifying  and enhancing its award-winning iSport headphone family with its first-ever in-ear wireless models, including the world’s slimmest monsterinearwirelesswireless sports earbuds. The two new additions are the iSport Wireless SuperSlim (RRP: £129.95), a model that fits flush in the ear so it can be worn comfortably underneath a helmet or goggles, and the iSport Wireless (RRP: £79.95).  These  models  round  out Monster’s wireless family of sports headphones, joining the company’s iSport Freedom on-ear model (Hifi Pig review), which is now launching in a new Business Black finish (RRP: £229.95).

The complete Monster iSport headphone range, including the new wireless models, is now as follows:


  • iSport Wireless SuperSlim in-ear (green) – £129.95
  • iSport Wireless in-ear (blue or black) – £79.95
  • iSport Freedom on-ear (green or black) – £229.95


  • iSport Victory in-ear (green or black) – £129.95
  • iSport Intensity in-ear (green, pink or black) – £79.95
  • iSport Strive in-ear (blue or orange) – £59.95
  • iSport Strive in-ear, mic-only (black) – £39.95


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