Universal Island Records..Cat Nr 2722538
Mumford & Sons are a group of London lads, Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Country Winston (yes..really!), and Marcus Mumford, who first started touring during 2008, and it wasn’t long before they developed quite a following. They had previously had been the backing group of Laura Marling, and later went onto record their own music with a deal from Universal Island Records.  As word of mouth grew about their talent, demand grew for a full album as their early EP releases had gone stratospheric.
This is their first album released in October of 2009.  The album contains 12 songs each a winner. Their musical style is a very melodic and hugely enjoyable mix of folk- rock and Indy , a fusion embellished by the large scale instrumental backing, the ballads containing real emotion and feeling.  The songs are all about love, telling of both sad and joyful stories speaking to the listener as the imaginary recipient of the songs, something which really helps engage the listener.  You can’t help but remember and carry on humming the tunes and remembering the lyrics long after the album has ended.
Their style is nothing new, but they do add their own unique stamp which is more accessible than most and is definitely set to appeal across the generation gaps. It’s helped hugely by the character of Marcus Mumford’s vocals and the group just gel, and successfully retain undeniable elements of folk rock, and Indy in quite a refined and cohesive musical way with real depth.  A rare talent amongst the plethora of manufactured pop and as such has to be highly recommended.  Everyone should have this as one of their “must have” albums.

Performance          9
Musical Interest      7
Sound Quality        7
Overall                   8
Highly Recommended.



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