It’s that time of year again and around comes what many in the high-end audio community feel is the “must go to” hifi HE13_Logo_eshow in the calender. I’m talking of course about the Munich High-End Exhibition 2013 which takes place 9th May – 12th May, 2013 –  with the Thursday being trade visitors day.

This year the Exhibition is in top form and enjoying an unstoppable boom in bookings. The two main exhibition halls are occupied as usual by international exhibitors alongside all the well-known recording providers, the technology stage for interesting talks and young start-up companies. There will also be one or two surprises in store which Hifi Pig will report in due course.

New for Munich High-end 2013 are specially created and newly developed demonstration cabins featuring in Hall No. 3 and No. 4. These demonstration cabins have been optimised for sound reproduction, are specifically intended for demonstrating music and unsurprisingly many of these demonstration cabins have already been booked. As the event organiser of the High End exhibition in Munich, the High End Society has used demonstration cabins for many years which were qualitatively superior to standard designs usually found at normal trade fairs for consumer electronics but these year they promise to be even better.

The High End Society is offering exhibitors three completely new acoustically-optimised demonstration cabins designed in collaboration with sound experts after many meetings. Due to the sturdy walls and the corner absorbers already fitted at the factory, as well as an acoustically Treated (Odenwald) ceiling, the new demonstration cabins from the High End Society produce good audio values even when empty, which can be enhanced to an excellent level by only minimal additional acoustic measures.

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