Based on the initial projections of the German music industry association (BVMI), the turnover of music sales in Germany for the year 2015 increased by   3.9%.

Audio streaming was at the forefront in the growth trends with a 96.6% increase. Behind all the “new” download and music streaming services lies a societal change that one can hardly ignore. According to a BITCOM study, downloads and streaming generated in 2014 for the first time as much revenue worldwide as with physical recordings. In contrast, the German market is not yet so far developed. The total share of digital music sales (strea- ming and downloads) did however in 2015 with 30.9% reach almost a third of the total turnover.

The future of digital music can be experienced at the HIGH END trade fair

More and more “online shops” are meanwhile appearing with music in high-resolution audio. (High resolution equals a greater number of details.)HighResolution_erleben

Similar to the television image in HD format with four times the number of pixels and thus also a picture that is clearer, sharper and more appealing, Hi-Res audio also contains four times as many sound details compared to the data of a music CD. An increasing number of audiophile “gourmets” therefore naturally want their favourite music in optimal quality.

Measured against the mass music market, Hi-Res is still a niche business, but the fan community for high-resolution audio is increasingly on the rise, and ultimately “what’s better” is the enemy of “what’s good”. Numerous audio devices now also possess the required memory capacity and therefore offer themselves for the saving of high-resolution audio files in various formats and playing them back for the user’s listening pleasure. This revolutionary innovation toward better sound quality can be experienced at the HIGH END trade fair in Munich. Here, visitors will find the entire spectrum of high-resolution players and numerous online music services offering high-resolution audio files in various formats for downloading.

Physical recordings are still much sought-after in Germany

In nearly all countries worldwide, the physical side of audio recording sales has deteri- orated rapidly over recent years. According to the German music industry association however, in Germany the lion’s share of music sales is with 69.1% still generated by physical media (CD, vinyl, DVD, Blu-ray). Of this, the CD continues to command a con- siderable share of the sales with 61.2%. Although sales of vinyl recordings have experi- enced a sharp rise in 2015 (+ 32%), these still only comprise 3.3% of the total turnover. Since 2007 this “black gold” has seen a steady increase in demand, since it represents    a culture of listening that forces us toward slowness and paying attention, and thus also creates a stronger bond between the music and the listener. This remains undisputed.Musikliebhaber

HIGH END as Mecca for collectors of exquisite audio media

Music lovers who want more than simply access to disembodied, downloaded music are sure to find just what they are looking for at this trade fair. HIGH END will feature over 200 music labels, selling various vinyl records, CDs, SACDs, Blu-ray and DVDs.Vinyl

A music collection consisting only of bits and bytes is considered soulless by many    music lovers and is unsatisfying for the music collector. Vinyl records and even, to some extent, CDs, SACDs etc. go beyond music playback and are considered artworks in their own right, due to the unique impression they create. It is not without reason that there is healthy demand for physical recordings, regardless of the fluctuations of seasonal business.

Special exhibition of the 50 best album covers

The 50 best album covers of 2015, which were selected by a jury of renowned design experts and former prizewinners, will be presented at the HIGH END 2016 in the Munich Order  Centre (MOC).Art_Vinyl

The packaging – also called the artwork – is an essential component of the vinyl record        and has developed over the decades into an art form of its own. For many vinyl fans, the design of the record cover is an important purchasing incentive.

Since 2005, the annually chosen “Best Art Vinyl Award” represents the most creative record cover. In 2015, this prize was awarded for the 10th time. The cover artworks can be seen all days of the fair in the lobby of the MOC between Halls 1 and 2 on the ground floor.

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