Kostas Metaxas’ Yorick  seemed to be everywhere at this year’s High End show. I absolutely love Kostas design and he kindly gave both Linette and myself one of his wonderful fountain pens. The design may not be every day conventional but personally it is this kind of design that dares to be different that will engage younger music lovers. His Macrophone speakers pictured are modular and you can read more about them and the Siren speakers here.

Hegel will be a name known to many. This is a really cool way to show off their products and I love the colours used…hifi does not have to be boring!!!

Quadraspire were in a lot or rooms at High End, with a good few choosing to use their X Reference rack. Moon used a pair of specially commissioned amplifier stands from the company to support their amps. The little Soundstage in the bottom picture is a low cost platform for those that want to get better performance out of their racks but don’t want to buy dedicated HiFi furniture.

Kharma, from the Netherlands, room oozed class and certainly sounded very good.

The Beast music server from ReQuest Audio based in Switzerland, and Absolare amps using the 845 tube certainly made this room sing. Torus Power conditioners using toroidal transformers ensured a clean supply of juice.

Atohm partnered with fellow french company Atoll Electronique… the two are often seen at shows together.

Vincent electronics and Vienna Acoustics’ loudspeakers.

AVM and Gauder Akustik connected together using a full loom of O2A cables. O2A cables are made by Anna Robathin and she told us she is actively looking for distribution worldwide.

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