This wasn’t really a press event as such but more of a private listening session with the Canadian company’s Domain Omni PX2 loudspeaker. The PX2 is a really interesting concept and their catchline “Sound Is Everywhere” gives you an idea of what it is all about. On top of the cabinet there are three 120 degree electrostatic panels that give a 360 degree listening experience. Each of the electrostatic panels is made of tensioned mylar film that’s ultra thin. Down below is a more conventional looking cabinet, only there are three bass drivers positioned around the 6.4mm cast aluminium enclosure. Prices for these speakers start at $79 500.
Electronics used in the room were Moon by Simaudio, carrying on the Canadian theme, and all in all it was a really interesting experience. Ideally I’d have liked to have heard these in a real live room situation as the cabins at High-End are really more suited to conventional speaker placement.

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