RD Acoustics, 440 Audio turntablen Lampizator and KR Audio sounding brilliant. You can read the review of the Euphoria  and Evolution speakers here. I’d have loved to have seen and heard the Music First preamp in this room but it was sat outside the whole show. The Quadratic diffusor at the back is nothing if not impressive looking and it follows proven tech. Not in the room but pictured is the Vurtuoso loudspeaker from the Czech company. You can read more about the turntables from 440 here. Thanks for the Slivovitz…i think.


TAGA make no nonsense audio and hifi gear that is affordable and accessible. The finish on the loudspeakers is insanely good for the modest asking price.


Norbert Lehmann is a great character and he makes some fine products to boot. Latest out of this German company’s factory is the Silver Cube phonstage. His wife Ulrike his wife is in charge of the innovative headphone gallery for neatly storing your cans.

Falcon Acoustics JR149 loudspeaker will be recognisable to many but the company do a whole lot more besides

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