The Kronos pro turntable was in a good few rooms at this year’s High End and not one of the rooms sounded anything but great. ZenSati ApS handled the cabling big American valve amps from VAC, speakers were the Von Schweikert Ultras whilst APL HiFi dealt with the digital side of things. Racks were all Artesania Audio.

Horch House and one of their many Studer tape to tape machines.

The Bitttner Tonmeister tube amplifier. Expect to have to dig deep for this one as its bigger brother the 500 was close to €50K.


KR Audio Kronzilla…the company makes the amps and the tubes to go in them. Awesome, even to look at!!!

Mezza Audio use toroidal transformers in their amps and sounded great in the booth powering relatively inefficient Pylon Audio loudspeakers. A great pairing that won’t break the bank.

A great starter system from Triangle including powered speakers and a fully kitted out turntable for around €900. Read more about this package here.

Transformers and SUTS have never been so colourful. Lundahl getting right in the Sgt. Pepper 50th anniversary celebrations with its display.

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