The second part of my report from High end Munich 2017 featuring the following: Audiobyte, Skogrand Cables, Rockna, Trafomatic and Tune Audio. Joseph Audio and Alluxity, Audiopax, Tellurium Q,  Aequo Audio and GIK Panels . Audiovector and Gryphon. Goebel and Vitus. Ear Yoshino. Again split into pages so hit the doodad at the end of each page to take you to the next. 

One of the highlights of the High end Show in Munich for both myself and Linette was this room that featured Audiobyte, Skogrand Cables, Rockna, Trafomatic and Tune Audio. The system as a whole was hugely dynamic and definitely in the top five rooms of the show and was on our shortlist for our Hifi Pig Loves You Award. The Tune Audio Avaton speakers are a three way design that is totally passive and driven here by the beautiful Trafomatic Elysium power amps that feature 2x 20B-V4 EML, 1x 5Z3 EML and 1x 250TL EIMAC tubes. Hifi on a huge scale both in terms of physical size and musical impact.

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