After over a decade of research, design and development, Muraudio has launched what they are MURAUDIO-LOW_Res-2calling “the world’s first pure omni-directional electrostatic loudspeaker – a true point source, 360 degree ESL”. 

“With the introduction of Muraudio’s Domain Omni ESL and the complex technology it incorporates, the obstacles for ESL success have been overcome” say Muraudio.

The Domain Omni is said to provide extremely low distortion, true linearity and outstanding low frequency response with Muraudio commenting that “Muraudio’s ESL’s are very capable of recreating exquisite high definition sound beyond that of traditional box speakers that use electrodynamic technology with tweeters, midrange drivers, and woofers”. 

The Domain Omni ESL replaces a traditional 1inch tweeter with a large coherent cell of 775 square inches.This single coherent transducer creates 98% of the frequency spectrum from 450 Hz to well beyond 20 kHz.  Completing the sound field are three synchronized low frequency drivers.


Re-imaging life-like sound lies in the theory of what Muraudio are calling Coherent Polar Movement. They explain “Traditional electrodynamic speakers have specifications related to on-axis response – which means you need to sit in a center specific area to hear pure high definition sound – if you sit anywhere else you are out of the “sweet spot”.  With Muraudio’s Domain Omni ESL the sweet spot is all around you – “Sound is Everywhere””

The continuous curve ESL combined the speaker’s LF drivers are said to deliver full low frequency bassand uniform 360 degree full range sound field.

Patented methods are used to form each of the more than 50,000 holes in the aluminium stators that make up the Continuous Curve Transducer. Combined with the Continuous Curve ESL are three aluminum cone LF drivers that are mounted in a “force neutral tri-axial configuration” to produce low frequency response and minimal resonance. 

From a melted liquid state, aluminium is poured into a pre-cast mould to create a solid sealed driver enclosure. It is this all aluminium enclosure that eliminates resonance and any possibility of low frequency sound distortion say Muraudio. 

The all aluminium cabinets are custom finished – hand sanded and hand painted with 18 collective coats of primer, high fidelity paint and then buffed to a pristine finish.

The speakers start at $58 000

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