British Hi-Fi brand Musical Fidelity will seek to build on its first on-ear model – the MF100 – with a new higher specification and MF200performance product: the MF200 priced at £229 and available in December 2014.

“The new MF200 headphones follow Musical Fidelity’s philosophy that their products should give an accurate, faithful and transparent reproduction of the original recording – avoiding the fashion for ‘tuning’ sound” the company say.

The redesigned enclosure structure both inside and out uses new and more inert materials and the 40mm drivers have been selected and paired for “very tight tolerance” and are punched from a single sheet of material to ensure a constant thickness.

Primarily a closed design the MF200s also include a series of fine vents to “reproduce the more spacious sound normally associated with open-back headphones”.

The MF200 feature machined and polished metal, soft-touch leather and a “high quality finish throughout”.

The MF200 features a rubberised cable and a choice of either padded leather of alcantara suede, interchangeable, ear pads with memory foam insert.

The ear-pieces can be folded when not in use.

An in-line mic/mute control makes taking or making calls easy for smartphone users. 

MF200 – Specifications

Impedance: 64ohm +/-10%

Sensitivity: 99dB +/-3dB

Max. Input Power: 30mW

Rated Power: 10mW

Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz

Cable Length: 1.3m +/-5%

Driver Dimension: 41mm Dynamic Type

Plug Type: 3.5mm 4P


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