Myriad, is Artnovion’s brand new acoustic absorber panel, designed, say Artnovion, “for rooms that require a simple, efficient and economical solution for reverberation control”.

The panels are made from a high-performance acoustic foam, covered with a premium acoustic fabric. Myriad is a 257 x 257mm acoustic panel, and available in both 30 and 50mm thickness. Colours can be combined how you like allowing you to create your own personalised patterns.

Artnovion say that Myriad is very easy to install, with a self-adhesive backing that allow you to fix it directly on the wall without damaging any of the structure or painting.

Myriad comes with a template for symmetric and multidirectional fixing to both walls and ceilings and the Portuguese company say that with Myriad “in minutes you can have your room acoustically treated and ready to use”.



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