NAD Electronics of Canada has announced two new products, the Masters M28 Seven Channel Power Amp And T 758 V3i Surround Sound Receiver

NAD M28 Power Amplifier

NAD Electronics’ new Masters Series product. The M28,  is a seven-channel amplifier that can serve as an engine for a multi-channel system for music or home theatre.

NAD Masters M28 Seven Channel Power Amp

Hybrid Digital Purifi Eigentakt Amplifier

First embraced in the NAD M33 Masters Series BluOS Streaming DAC Amplifier, the Masters M28 uses the Eigentakt™ amplifier, manufactured by NAD under license from Purifi, a Danish technology company.

In common with previous generations of NAD HybridDigital technology, but unlike many Class D amplifier designs, the M28 is not only able to easily handle long cable runs but is impervious to the loudspeaker load it is presented with. On tap is 200W into 8 Ohms of continuous power for all channels driven at the same time and 560W of power into 4 Ohms.

NAD Masters M28 Seven Channel Power Amp Back

NAD says Eigentakt technology is very analogue-like in behaviour in the unlikely event the amplifier is driven into clipping. Whereas many Class D designs can become unstable, Eigentakt behaves in a way like the benign way of clipping with the instant recovery of well-executed traditional Class A/B amplifiers.

“NAD has always been known for great sounding amplifiers that punch way above their weight and the M28 does this at a reference level and then some” states Cas Oostvogel, NAD’s Product Manager. “Using the Purifi Eigentakt technology, the M28 delivers massive amounts of power with sound quality that has to be experienced to fully appreciate. Even better, NAD engineers have managed to deliver all this performance at a cost less than traditional technology.”

For ease of installation in a variety of systems, the M28 accepts both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR inputs.

The M28’s styling is designed to match the NAD Masters Series M17 V2i preamp/processor.

NAD T 758 V3i Surround Sound Receiver

The NAD T 758 V3i is a performance update to the T 758 A/V Surround Sound Receiver. The receiver will now come ready with Dolby Atmos, DTS Master Audio, BluOS® high-res multi-room audio, Dirac Live®, 4K UHD Video and Apple AirPlay 2® all built-in.

As with all NAD components, the company’s latest offering continues its ‘simple is better’ design philosophy.

“NAD carefully evaluates how customers use our products and only includes the features that are essential for great audio and video performance,” commented Joe de Jesus, NAD AV and Custom Installation Product Manager. “In addition, our Modular Design Construction feature offers the real benefit of being able to add new technologies as they become available, greatly enhancing the value proposition. So, with the T 758 V3i, we are excited to add AirPlay 2 to complement other key technologies such as Dolby Atmos, Dirac Live, 4K UHD Video and BluOS music streaming.”

NAD T 758 V3i Surround Sound Receiver

MDC: Future-Proof Designs

Performance-minded enthusiasts want to embrace the ever-changing world of AV technology without destroying their original investment. So, NAD devised the most important innovation in a decade: Modular Design Construction. Digital audio and video circuits are on replaceable modules..


Popular surround sound formats, including HD formats Dolby Atmos and DTS Master Audio, are decoded using the latest generation of high-speed multi-core DSP. Stereo source material can be converted to surround sound using our exclusive EARS surround mode, praised by reviewers for its natural sound quality. With full support for High Res Audio formats like MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) included in the BluOS® Player, the T 758 V3i is unique.


The T 758 V3i offers the latest digital video technology, including Ultra video at resolutions up to 3840×2160 pixels at 60 frames per second with 4:4:4 colour gamut and High Dynamic Range support. Analogue video sources are also supported on HDMI for simple ‘one wire’ connection to a flat screen or projector. It also includes popular HDMI features, Audio Return Channel (ARC) and Consumer Electronic Control (CEC).

NAD T 758 V3i Surround Sound Receiver Back

Dirac Live

The T 758 V3i employs Dirac Live® Room Correction software that delivers optimized sound quality for your home theatre system. The built-in Dirac Live® software measures the acoustic performance of the system within the listening room and optimizes playback. Setup process is automated and very simple, giving users the control they need.

BluOS Streaming High-Res Audio

The T 758 V3i features built-in BluOS wireless streaming technology, enabling users to stream lossless music to their home theatre system from local libraries, tune in to Internet radio stations, and access popular music streaming services. You can control the music from anywhere in the house using the BluOS Controller app for smartphone, tablet and desktop, including the ability to group the receiver to other BluOS enabled components from NAD, Bluesound, DALI or Monitor Audio to create a whole home music delivery ecosystem.


The M28 is £3999 / €5499 / US$4999 / CDN$6999 MSRP

The T 758 V3i is £1299 €1499 $1499 MSRP

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