Naim launches their new flagship loudspeaker today at the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show. The Ovator S-800 will join the S-600 and the s-400 in the range. The S-800 is said to draw on five years of research into the company’s “Balanced Mode Radiator” (BMR) and introduces a specially developed flat panel bass driver which is said to be more consistent with the BMR.

Two 28cm flat panel drivers and and 82mm BMR in a 40litre enclosure will be used on the new loudspeaker. The speaker will go down to 20Hz

The Ovator S-800 will be available in active configuration from December this year.



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Roksan Oxygene

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  1. get down with YOUR BAD SELF if these speakers reproduce as good as they look they should be AWESOME

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