The next generation of Motive speakers from Neat Acoustics, the SX series, will be demonstrated for the first time in Neat_motive_SxAtrium Room 422 of the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel at RMAF.

The first and most obvious change from original to SX is to the tweeter. A newly designed, aluminium dome that is black anodised for added stiffness has replaced the original titanium dome, which Neat say  now delivers a more natural and cleaner tonal balance.

The simple three-element crossover has been revised using Mundorf components, more akin to those used in Neat’s more upmarket models. The SXs will be single wired as standard but bi-amp terminals are available as a chargeable option on order.

The internal bracing and damping have been upgraded and the LF tuning optimised and the HF units now operate in their own enclosures to minimise driver crosstalk.

The Motive SX series comprises three models: the SX1, a two and a half way floorstander; the SX2, a two-way floorstander and the SX3, a two-way stand mount. The bass reflex port on the two floorstanders is fitted to the bottom panel of the cabinet and is vented through an outlet in the MDF plinth.

A matching centre channel the Motive SXC will be available in black oak finish only.

The Motive SX will be available in four finishes and prices are as follows:


Motive SX1: $2,995.00 per pair

Motive SX2: $2,395.00 per pair

Motive SX3: $1,795.00 per pair

Motive SXC: $1,195.00


Motive SX1: £1885.00 per pair

Motive SX2: £1395.00 per pair

Motive SX3: £1085.00 per pair

Motive SXC: £705.00

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