Neederland, a new start-up company, has recently introduced a new way of looking at a headphone stand.

Creating this stand, the makers wanted their product to be different from other well-known hangers and be as functional as possible.

The new Neederland TrueStand Headphone Stand cradles the headphones rather than ‘hanging’ them

Design And Functionality

The designers put a lot of effort to make this new stand look good on the desk but also in a living room surrounded by audio equipment. The biggest difference when comparing to other stands is a lack of a hanger. Instead, there is a soft foam insert, where a pair of headphones can rest.

The new Neederland TrueStand Headphone Stand

The insert has a specially designed shape based on two conical frustums arranged in a lemniscate or “peanut” shape. This allows the stand to accommodate many various headphones. From the creators’ perspective, the two biggest advantages are compatibility with headphones that cannot be hung due to their headband design and the protection from a headband compression. Believe it or not, but headband compression is a real problem and some headphones users do suffer from that.


To make the stand look premium, all materials used to make this product are of an industrial grade and high-quality. The foam is soft and prevents the user’s pair of headphones from scratches, but yet remains durable at the same time. To produce the housing, the designers took their inspirations from things like amplifiers but also parts of modern sports cars. The casing is made from aluminium or carbon fibre.

The aluminium case is manufactured from billet aluminium using CNC machining. It is not the cheapest method to make an enclosure but it gives the best result overall. The carbon fibre housing is for someone who wants a headphone stand with a more modern look. It is manufactured in the same way as parts in high-performance cars.

Price And Availability

TrueStand is now available on Kickstarter with prices starting from £59 for aluminium and £79 for carbon fibre.

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