Americana is the artist’s 34th studio album and his first recorded collaboration with Crazy Horse since 2003’s Greendale. It’s a collection of traditional and folk tunes from America given Young’s and Crazy Horse’s “unique” grunge treatment.

What you get are twelve tracks that don’t do a great deal to surprise, but will welcomed by Neil Young fans I’m sure.

Thee are a few tunes that most Brits will know from their younger years “Clemantine”, “Oh Susannah” and even “She’ll be Coming ‘round the Mountain” plus lots of others. No doubt in the US these other songs will be more well known than they are in the UK or Europe and I can see an American audience becoming bored with Americana very quickly.

For me it sounds great. It sounds unrehearsed and like most of the tracks were recorded in one take and for me this is what makes this a very good album indeed. It’s grungy, dirty, very much a Neil Young and Crazy Horse album and I like it a lot.

The final track is “God Save the Queen”. Yes, you read it right! Had this come out in the UK a few days earlier I could have got the irony of the track…I think…but it seems a little out of context given its release date of June 5th.

Turn it up and you should enjoy it! Apparently Neil Young and Crazy Horse have another album of original material recorded and ready for release later in the year.


Muse "The Second Law"
Hawkwind « Onward »

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