Hifi Pig has been keen on keeping readers abreast of the news regarding Neil Young’s Pono and it ponoseems like we are about to see some action on this long overdue project. To be honest we at Hifi Pig thought that Pono was never likely to see the light of day but it seems like our fears were unfounded.

If latest sources are to be believed, PonoPlayer will cost $399 and will come complete with 128GB of on-board memory and discounted pre-orders can be made from March 15th via Kickstarter.

Early news suggest that the PonoPlayer will store 100-500 high-rez albums but this will of course depend on the length of the record and its resolution.

PonoPlayer is accompanied by the media management software PonoMusic which will sync music to the player very much in the same vein as iTunes.

We’re pleased to see that Pono is finally seeing the light of day and we’ll obviously keep you up to date with any further news on the product.

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