Presented for the first time at CES in Las Vegas the digital source “Origine” from French based Neodio will make its Origine_cropEuropean debut at the Salon Hifi Home Cinema in Paris this coming weekend.

Origine is the culmination of 12 years of work for the company and they say that the CD/Converter offers a “natural listening experience where all the micro information is accurately reproduced”.

The Origine’s multi layer 28kg chassis is assembled from 5 different materials, including copper, HI-MACS  and  aluminium in an effort to provide an environment without resonance.

ORIGINE    is   mounted  on  3   solid  feet  machined  in stainless steel, floating on ball  bearings.

The   player   mechanism is based on a DVD-ROM modified by Neodio and the 24bit/192kHz  converteruses adiscreteanalog clock.

ORIGINE has two digital inputs, SPDIF and USB.

Price is €35 000.


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