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The Neutral Cable USB DH (Dual Head) is a USB cable with separated 5V power supply aimed at IMG_5515further improving USB DAC and USB/SPDIF converters performance using a dedicated power supply.
This USB cable has the power conductors (5V and ground) completely separated from the data conductors and each group of conductors is terminated with USB type A connector. Both the group of conductors flow into a single USB type B connector.
The Neutral Cable USB DH is made of Teflon insulated conductors and both groups of conductors have shielding against EMI/RFI. The complete separation between data and power conductors has a double purpose say Neutral Cable:
1. To supply the USB  DAC or the USB/SPDIF converter with a clean provided by a linear power supply or battery.
2. Distance completely the data conductors from the power conductors to avoid any crosstalk between the data transferring and the emf of the 5V conductor to reduce jitter and other distortions.

“The sonic improvements of a separated 5V power supply made using the USB DH cable are evident in soundstage, dynamic, separation between instruments and detail. These gains can be achieved also with a small usb power supply like the ones used for tablet or smartphone (having an usb port). Of course the better is the quality of the separated power supply, the bigger are the improvements” said Neutrsal Cable’s  Fabio..
Neutral Cable sells directly to customers and ship world wide.
Prices: USB DH cm 80 – € 140 / USB DH cm 120 / € 180.

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