A new Anaview audio transformer with a wide frequency response for distributed audio systems delivering high quality music as well as voice content, is being unveiled by ETAL Group at NAMM (booth 5894). ETAL is also exhibiting the premium Anaview AMS and popular high end ALC Class D power amplifiers as well as the recently launched ALA credit card sized amplifier.

Specifically designed to work with Anaview Class D amplifiers, the new Anaview audio transformers from ETAL are aimed at installations delivering music alongside voice content. They offer a +/-1dB frequency response from below 30Hz up to and above 15kHz, providing up to 500W at 70/100V. They are ideal for use with Anaview AMS1000 Class-D amplifiers or other popular sources. Etal say: “The use of Anaview audio transformers allows speakers to be located 150m- 450m from the amplifier source, depending on the cable used and the level of loss that is acceptable. Without a transformer, the maximum distances are just 15m-45m under similar conditions. A single transformer can drive multiple speakers up to the maximum 500W load available”.

Shown for the first time at NAMM, the recently launched ETAL Anaview ALA Class D amplifier is based on patented ETAL audio engineering and magnetics. With overall dimensions of just 68mm x 33mm x 18mm, the ETAL Anaview ALA series delivers 2 x 45Wrms into 6Ω. It can be powered by a single voltage of 12-25V DC making it easy to integrate. Also prominent on the ETAL booth at NAMM will be the Anaview AMS series of premium Class D amplifier modules. The design of these amplifiers is subject to two separate patents, covering the correction of non-linearities to deliver the exceptional sound. ETAL will also exhibit the Anaview ALC Class D amplifier line which is offered in five different levels of power from 50W to 1000W per channel.

Anaview Class D amplifiers can also be heard on the Amphion stand (6314) and within the Drawmer range on the Trans-Audio booth (6945).

Since 1968, ETAL Group has been a supplier of in-house developed magnetic components, primarily transformers and inductors. It acquired Anaview in 2013 to expand its product range to class D amplifiers for the audio industry. In 2016, Anaview adopted the ETAL company name, retaining Anaview as a product name. ETAL develops, manufactures and sells magnetic components and audio amplifiers to a world-wide market through offices in Europe, Asia and the USA and through distribution partners in an additional 20 countries. Production takes place at the company’s own facilities in Estonia and Sri Lanka as well as through production partners in Asia.


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