Audio-Hungary have released their new, upgraded Qualiton APX 200 vacuum tube stereo power amplifier, with new features that were added after customer feedback. Only minor changes to the vents were made on the outside for optimised cooling and to keep the classic design. Most changes were made inside. 

The cover of the amplifier is now easily removable and the tubes visible in the redesigned polished stainless steel interior. The device has been upgraded with Auto BIAS, and a balanced input. It is now possible to bypass the volume control with a switch at the back.The output valve set with EL 519 (6P45S) valves was kept with two 6N23P and two 12AX7 valves.

The new APX 200 will also be at Munich High End show at the Audio-Hungary stand in Halle 1 A10/B13, keep an eye on our High End Munich 2018 section for more info on the show.


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