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Mycetias Audio are a new British HiFi brand and their products are “hand made with love in Lancashire”.

Mycetias Audio has over 25 years of experience in the audio industry and makes a range of loudspeakers, amplifiers and cables which they sell direct to the customer, worldwide.

New British Brand Mycetias Audio

British Brand Mycetias Audio’s Vulcanian loudspeakers in Birch


Mycetias Audio currently have two models of speaker available, the V2 and Vulcanian.  Both models are almost identical in performance and use the same components. The addition of a wave-guide fitted the Vulcanian tweeter offers a slight increase in SPL, lower distortion and a limited omnidirectional radiation pattern in the lower high range. This can be useful in reducing reflections from nearby walls. The main difference is in the loading. With Vulcanian’s the tweeter is top loaded and fitted with a waveguide. The V2 tweeter is in the centre, V2’s can also be used either horizontally or vertically and can suit a bigger area when overall coverage is more important than directionality.

The crossover and cabinet design are tuned to complement the drivers, delivering, say Mycetias, a transparent and well-balanced frequency response, with high efficiency. The result is they only need a single watt or two to deliver full tone 30hz to 20khz.


Mycetias Audio 250A amplifiers use class D amplification.


x2 125w RMS output power @ 4Ω per side

x2 70w RMS output power @ 8Ω per side

Bandwidth 8Ω, -3dB point, Stereo 120kHz

Frequency response, 20Hz-20kHz, 2Ω-8Ω load range+/- 0.5dB damping factor 8Ω, 100Hz>500

Total harmonic distortion THD+N 1kHz, 1W0.003%

Dynamic range signal to noise ratio, Stereo 117dB

1% THD+N, Stereo, 4Ω, 1kHz2 x 125W

1%, THD+N, Stereo, 8Ω, 1kHz2 x 65W

New British Brand Mycetias Audio

Mycetias Audio 250A Class D Amplifier


Mycetias V2 are currently priced at a little over £500 and  Vulcanian a little over £550. Mycetias 250A amplifier is just under £400.

Speaker cables start at £29 for a 2m pair and speaker stands from £240.

Various custom finishes are available.

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