Oliver at Epiphany Acoustics called us to tell us about a number of new products they have added to their ever MJR_RCA_1-400pxgrowing catalogue of hifi components and accessories.

The Solaris II Collection contains three cables and interconnects: a mini jack to mini jack interconnect, a mini jack to stereo RCA interconnect and a mini jack to 6.35mm jack socket cable. It uses heavy duty ultra pure oxygen free silver plated copper wire and a low loss polyethylene dielectric. A dense copper shield is utilised for shielding purposes as well as cotton filler to reduce unwanted vibrations.

The Atratus 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable boasts crimped connectors and true 75 Ohm impedance to ensure maximum performance in a digital set up. The solid copper oxygen free copper conductor is insulated with an extremely low loss foam PE dielectric and shielded with both a conductive foil and dense copper braid.

The Atratus II Mains Cable is the first addition to the Atratus II Collection and builds on the success and performance of the Atratus Mains Cable by utilising Epiphany’s highest quality IEC. Like the Atratus Mains Cable, it benefits from very heavy duty oxygen free stranded copper conductors and 100% shielding to minimise EMI.

Prices of the new additions start from just £19.99.

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