Leicester-based Icon Audio have launched their second CD player, the CDX2. Replacing Icon’s earlier, more expensive CDX1, the CDX2 has been specifically designed to deliver comparable SONY DSCsonics but at a lower, mid-range price.

The aim, says Icon’s founder and chief designer David Shaw, was “to craft a CD player with real warmth and dexterity. With that magical ‘vinyl sound’, in other words.”

The CDX2 features 192kHz 24bit upsampling technology but more than this, Shaw has focused a keen eye on the product’s all-important output stage in order to avoid what he refers to as the “mechanical and soulless presentation” that some CD players have.

“I wanted a more musical presentation, with more warmth and colour. Something incredible easy to listen to,” he adds.

To that end, the CDX2 uses an all triode valve class A output stage using T J Full Music or original Mullard valves. The digital and analogue circuitry is hand-wired using full sized high quality components.

Externally, the CDX2 features a top-loading mechanism, avoiding the usual slide-out drawer. A heavier alloy clamp also acts as a flywheel to increase rotational stability during playback.
In keeping with Icon’s ‘built to last’ philosophy, everything in the CDX2 is serviceable and replaceable and, as with all Icon products, the company is keeps an extensive bank of spare parts, ensuring a reliable product with a long life.

As each CD player is finished in the UK, Icon can offer a range of ‘David Shaw Signature’ upgrades including Jensen copper foil oil-in-paper capacitors and ‘new old stock’ valves.

Icon Audio CDX2 key features

No ‘surface mount’ parts used.
Sanyo CD transport mechanism.
CD-R compatible.
Class A, all triode valve output stage.
Latest 192kHz 24bit upsampling technology.
Coaxial digital output.
Gold-plated RCA sockets.
‘David Shaw Signature’ upgrade options including Jensen copper foil oil-in-paper capacitors and premium ‘new old stock’ valves.
Parts easily maintained and upgraded (valves, capacitors, resistors, etc).

The Icon Audio CDX2 is available now, priced at £995


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