Encore Seven, a Polish manufacturer of valve amplifiers known under the brand EGG-SHELL officially presented their new models during the Audio Video Show exhibition in Warsaw in November 2018.


This is a flagship integrated amplifier which starts the new line of products called TanQ. According to the manufacturer’s statements from the last summer, 2018, this model was announced as one with very attractive visual design. Also, its audio and sound performance, according to the manufacturer, show “no compromise and reach a very high level”, which positions the new amplifier on top of the range from Encore Seven.

The model is designed as single-ended, class A device, with the output power of 20W for each stereo channel. The power section is based on two parallel KT88 valves per channel. The manufacturer allows the clients to choose between a set of four KT88 Genalex Gold Lion valves or handcrafted renowned KR Audio valves, from the Czech Republic.

The new TanQ is comprised in elegantly designed stainless-steel and aluminium housing. It has a floating chassis with power transformers, which allows separation from the electronic elements or the valves. The power valves themselves are displayed on the exterior part of the housing, arranged in V‑angle design, which has become the brand recognised design, while the pre-amp valves have been positioned behind a front glass cover. Each TanQ unit is delivered with a gyroscope sphere RCX remote control.

Three tall feet made of polished steel, with a rubber base, give the amplifier stability and are said to eliminate vibrations. They also improve ventilation, which is further supported by means of a quiet yet efficient fan Noctua 11.9 dB / 800 rpm.

The number of the active output is illuminated with a Nixie lamp.

The new TanQ amplifier is delivered with a three year warranty.

The recommended retail price (not including valves) is € 4,750.

EGG-SHELL Classic PS5.1

Another new item available from Encore Seven is a phono-preamplifier which extends the Classic series. The Classic line is a series of products which is equivalent to the Prestige line in terms of audio design but with slightly less sophisticated, simpler external design, yet staying faithful to some of the brand’s recognisable features, especially the power valve V-angle design.

In the case of the phono-stage we see and may listen to an amplifier which is an equivalent to the Prestige PS5.1 model. The preamplifier complements the Classic range integrated amplifiers: 9.2 and 15.1.

The preamplifier is designed for turntables with MM cartridges (RIAA equalisation). The device has been equipped with a “craftily designed valve cover that is very unique and unprecedented in other manufacturers’ products”. And it has very practical functions say the company: one, the most obvious, is protecting the user from accidental contact with hot valves. Another is preventing valve vibrations. The cover, with rubber on its interior part rests on the top part of the valves, ensuring stable positioning of the vacuum tubes. The cover itself is easily attached to the housing with magnets.

The recommended retail price of the preamplifier (not including valves) is € 1,350.


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