Elipson Audio has announced the introduction of their new Chroma Series range of turntables, replacing previous Alpha and Omega versions.

Continuing the ethos of being entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Elipson in France, the new Chroma decks offer many new enhanced features, all engineered to offer improved audio quality, user interface and value for money.

Ortofon OM10 And 2MRed Cartridges

All Chroma decks feature Ortofon’s OM10 cartridge whilst the upgraded 2MRed is reserved for the two premium Carbon versions.  The Chroma 200 turntables have a Matt Black PVC Chassis and aluminium tone arms with the Chroma 400 models offering a high gloss lacquered PMMA chassis and Carbon Fibre tone arms.

Advances In Technology

As with previous models, each Chroma 200 and 400 ranges feature a standard deck, one with an integrated RIAA preamp and a top model with preamp, Bluetooth and USB record output. However, the main differences between new and old are a host of enhanced features designed to optimise aesthetic appeal, ease of use and audio quality through advances in technology.

All new turntables now feature a manual lift on the tone arms that now also include graduation on the counterweight and free mechanical scale for easier adjustment. A number of parts, including the digital motor toggle switch, have also been restyled, some with new and improved materials and finishes.

Elipson’s engineers have designed a new rotary table axis system to improve stability and precision, whilst a new electronic motor system is quieter thanks to its new damped housing, reducing vibrations to the chassis.  The higher spec’d PCB also improves control of the motor’s speed and precision.  All turntable platters have now also been designed as two parts with a smaller sub platter with ring beneath the larger top platter for more consistency, velocity accuracy and 100% planarity across the diameter.

Price And Availability

Elipson’s new Chroma turntable range will be available in the UK from this month with SRPs ranging from an affordable £279 for the entry-level Chroma 200 up to £699 for the flagship Chroma Carbon RIAA BT deck.

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