Clearaudio’s Innovation range of turntables now has a new entry point, the Innovation Basic. Borrowing technology from the three other members of the Innovation family – the Innovation, Innovation Compact and Master Innovation – the new Basic has many features, a bijou form and a more accessible price. It may be at the entry level of the Innovation series, in reality the ‘Basic’ is anything but say Clearaudio: ‘Its design and construction bear all of the key Clearaudio hallmarks: intelligently-selected materials, precision engineering, painstaking craftsmanship and innovative technologies’. The resonance-optimised chassis features Clearaudio’s iconic three-point design with its ‘sandwich’ construction of Panzerholz (a solid, bullet-proof wood) and aluminium. Speed stability is achieved with Clearaudio’s decoupled custom-built high-torque DC motor with their patented Ceramic Magnetic Bearing (CMB) and Optical Speed Control (OSC). CMB allows the dynamically balanced platter to magnetically levitate on an inverted and polished ceramic bearing shaft with polished sintered bronze insert. Meanwhile, an infra-red sensor reads a microscopically-etched strobe ring and sends signals to the OSC mechanism which auto-corrects in real time, consistently maintaining the perfect speed. Two tonearm mounting bases make the Innovation Basic dual tonearm capable, while fine height adjustment allows for precise levelling of the turntable on any surface.Clearaudio_Innovation_Basic_Wood_nexs_august
The Innovation Basic is available with a choice of finish options. The chassis’ Panzerholz wood layer can be natural or black-lacquered, while its aluminium layer can be silver or black. The platter is available in either clear acrylic or black high-density POM.

Pricing and availability

The Clearaudio Innovation Basic turntable is available now. Prices (including VAT).

Clearaudio Innovation Basic Wood £3,400

Clearaudio Innovation Basic Black* £3,550

* The ‘Black’ price refers to finish options in which the Panzerholz wood layer of the chassis is black-lacquered. All other finish options (including those with black aluminium chassis layers and/or black POM platter) are priced as per ‘Wood’.


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