Tangent Audio, of Denmark, has announced the addition of the new X6 floor-standing loudspeaker, XSW8 subwoofer and XC Centre speaker to their Spectrum Series.

Following on from the X4 and X5 bookshelf/stand-mount speakers, Tangent’s new X6 speakers are a pair of l 3-way bass reflex floor-standing loudspeakers.

Tangent told us: “Housed within the stylish and handsome cabinet enclosures, the performance is faithfully reproduced from two 130mm bespoke long-throw paper coned bass-midrange drivers together with a wide dispersion 25mm soft fabric dome tweeter… resulting in 200 watts of easy to drive power and a sensitivity rating of 88db. The XC Centre channel uses a 2-way closed cabinet enclosure housing two 110mm bass/mid drivers together with the generic wide-dispersion 25mm tweeter. This design provides the listener/viewer with a dialogue channel unequalled for accuracy, dynamics and punch. The wide bandwidth frequency response also helps to provide optimum depth and clarity from any speech or sound effects. The XSW-8 subwoofer is a compact front firing bass module designed to enhance bass performance and perfectly completes the Spectrum’s 5.1 package system. Also using a sealed enclosure for ultimate low-end power, the XSW-8 features a 200 mm bass only driver and a 90watt integral amplifier to produce low-end frequencies down to 31Hz. The impressive features list also includes volume level, phase switching and variable crossover”.

The compact enclosures have an inert construction to reduce cabinet colouration and resonance. All speakers are available in midnight black or polar white highly durable matt satin finishes with drive units protected with colour-matched, integrated mesh grilles. Contrasting walnut base plinths complete the speakers across the range.

Specifications: X6 floor-standing speakers

Speaker Units2 x 5” woofer and midrange / 1” tweeter 
Sensitivity88 dB 
Frequency50Hz – 20 000Hz 
Impedance 6 Ω 
PowerUp to 200 watt 
Weight12 / 13 kg 
Product Dimensions166 x 923 x 268 mm 

Specifications: XC Centre speaker

Speaker Units2 x 4” woofer and midrange / 1” tweeter 
System2-ways closed cabinet 
Frequency55Hz – 20 000Hz 
Impedance 6 Ω 
PowerUp to 100 watt 
Weight5.5 / 6.2 kg 
Product Dimensions395 x 160 x 198 mm 

Specifications: XSW Sub Woofer

InputHigh Level Speaker Inputs , Analog RCA 
Speaker Units8” woofer 
Frequency31Hz – 250Hz 
Power90 watt RMS 
Standby <1W (EUP 2013) 
Power220 Vac ~ 50/60 Hz (EU) 
Weight10 / 12 kg 
Product Dimensions270 x 280 x 275 mm 

The new Spectrum 5.1 Package is available now at £1,299.




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