New Polish company Cube Audio have introduced two new full-range drivers and associated loudspeakers.

“Complete customisation of the parts, hybrid magnetic motor, impregnated paper cone, ultra-linear suspension and many more advanced in-house developed technologies, result not only in very good frequency response and measurements, but most importantly make the sound quality unheard of when it comes to fullrange drivers”, says the company’s recent press release.”

The company say you can expect fast but deep bass, second to none high frequencies, micro- and macro-dynamics, amazing but not exaggerated midrange, astonishing vocals, holography and the illusion of really being there when you listen to the music. 

Both the Fa8and the Fc8 are eight inch drivers.

Technical Parameters for the Fa8 are as follows

Fs  = 43 Hz

Re  = 6 ohm

Le  = 0.095 mH

Qt  = 0.41

Qes = 0.42

Qms = 14.2

Cms = 0.758 mm/N

Vas = 59 liters

Sd= 230 cm^2

Bl  = 8.5 T*m

Xmax = +- 2 mm*

Xdamage =  +- 6 mm

Sensitivity = 92 dB

and for the Fc8 driver:

Fs  = 42 Hz

Re  = 6 ohms

Le  = 0.094 mH

Qt  = 0.38

Qes = 0.39

Qms =14.3

Cms = 0.81 mm/N

Vas = 55 liters

Sd= 230 cm^2

Bl  = 8.6 T*m

Xmax = +- 3 mm*

Xdamage = +- 6 mm

Sensitivity = 92 dB


The Drivers: Fa8 – 490 and Fc8 – 790 Euro per driver. 

The Speakers: Bliss A – 4990 and Bliss C – 5990 Euro per pair (black or white piano finish).

The company’s website also has plans for building the relevant cabinets for DIYers.

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