To celebrate the release of James McArthur and The Head Gardeners’ new album; ‘Burnt Moth’ out on 20th January, Illuminate Productions will be showcasing songs from the album in the smallest and most intimate live music venue in the UK.

The ‘In Safari, Table For Two’ tour is a series of unique live musical happenings in the setting of a 70’s gold caravan, where two audience members at a time will experience the band up close and personal squeezed into a tiny vintage 2 berth caravan.

Guests will have VIP treatment, including refreshments and access all areas. McArthur’s songs invite you on a journey, through rolling harmonies, shifting guitar, as changeable as British holiday weather.

Jimmy Cauty (KLF ) said of the experience, “The sound in the caravan was immersive and bubble like, it felt like we were inside the music looking out!”

This pop up venue will also appear in unexpected secret locations around London and beyond. Some shows will be recorded and filmed for online viewing.


Friday 10th February
Saturday 11th February
Friday 17th February
Saturday 18th February

Tickets are extremely limited; From 7pm -10pm at London Bridge, each live slot is for 25 minutes and costs £10 including drinks.

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