Tangent Audio announces the launch of the new X4 and X5 passive versions of their recently launched active BT X5 Tangent_loudspeakers_hifinewsSpectrum loudspeaker.

Tangent’s new passive X4 and X5 versions of their Spectrum loudspeaker line-up continue with contemporay cabinet design in a compact standmount / bookshelf format, using black or white satin finishes with attractive walnut base plinths.

The X4 and X5 feature a wide dispersion 25mm soft fabric dome tweeter together with 110mm or 130mm long throw paper coned bass drivers, both protected by colour matched mesh grilles.
These compact stand/shelf mounting speakers are available in attractive Midnight Black or Polar White matt finishes with Walnut base plinths at £169.99 for the X4 and £249.99 for the X5. Matching ALVA speaker stands with Walnut frames and white or black glass base plinths are also available.


• Tweeter: X4 1” / X5 1”

• Woofer: X4 4” Bass Reflex / X5 5” Bass Reflex

• Max Power: 100 W

• Sensitivity: X4 – 88 dB / X5 – 90dB

• Dimensions (W x H x D): X4 – 146 x 275 x 198 / X5 – 166 x 345 x 205 mm

• Weight: X4 – 3.45 kg / X5 – 4.88 kg


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