Axiss Europe, who distribute AirTight and Koetsu, has launched the new Mustang MM cartridge.

The first Mustang cartridge from Axiss Europe is designed to give Japanese quality in an affordable package.

The new Mustang MM Cartridge from Axiss Europe

Mustang MM Cartridge

The Mustang MM cartridge works optimally with light and medium-heavy tone arms up to 14 grams of effective tonearm mass.


Diamond: elliptical needle cut

Output Voltage: 1KHz (3.54cm/s) : 1.7mV x 3.4mV

Frequency range: 20x20Khz

Channel separation: at 1KHz > 16 dB

Channel equality: at 1 KHz < 3.0 dB

Termination resistor: 47KOhm / 200pF

Needle yield: medium – high

Support Weight: 2.5g x 3.5g

Weight: 4.3 grams

Included in the package is the cartridge with needle guard, 2 screws with round nuts, packaging and manual.

Made in Japan



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