Melodika, one of the biggest Polish manufacturers of hi-fi cables, is expanding its Purple Rain offer with new power cables with grounding, terminated with Schuko plug and IEC C13 socket.

The distinguishing feature of new Melodika product is shielding and this shielding in greatest extent is responsible for minimizing  the impact of electromagnetic interference on other audio or video cables.

Melodika MDP cable is ideal not only for hi-fi purposes but also for medical, measurement, laboratory equipment and other devices sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic fields.   DSC_0279

Key features of the new power cable Melodika MDP from Purple Rain series:

  • conductor: Polish oxygen free copper OFC 99.99% (class 4N)
  • dense OFC shielding with 80% coverage
  • construction: 3×2.5mm2
  • insulation: triple PVC
  • Made in Poland
  • CE marking
  • maximum load: 10A
  • cable thickness: 12mm
  • cable felxibility: 60mm
  • Lenghts 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m

0.5m – 67,50 EUR, 1m – 70 EUR, 1.5m- 75 EUR, 2m – 80 EUR, 2.5m – 85 EUR, 3m – 90 EUR, 4m – 100 EUR

These are approximate prices and may vary in different countries.


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