Leema Acoustics has launched a “future-proof” CD player for the streaming age that offers the benefits of music streaming, combined with high-performance CD playback.

The next-generation Stream IV, (its fourth version), effectively offers two Hifi devices in one space-saving player, which, like all Leema products, is hand-made to order in Wales.

The new Stream IV, which has now entered production and is widely available following its prototype unveiling at the Bristol HiFi Show in February, brings the return of the partnership of the Stream and Pulse (CD player and stereo integrated amplifier). The matching Pulse IV amplifier (launched late 2018) adds Bluetooth connectivity and a phono preamp for direct connection to turntables.

The next-generation Stream IV offers Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz integration, plus vTuner Internet Radio, Deezer and the ability to read data from connected USB drives and Dropbox/OneDrive accounts. Fully UPnP/DLNA compliant, the Stream IV can access and playback from networked music devices (including Leema Acoustics’ own Sirius digital music library), and offers both wired and wireless operation with WPS integrated (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) for easy home set-up. 

The Stream IV includes a 24-bit/192kHz streaming module, a Stream Unlimited CD mech and an ESS 9018 Sabre DAC which has coaxial and optical digital outputs for connection to pre-existing external DACs. Further audiophile touches include a high-quality Noratel linear power supply.

Remote control operation is available, plus button-free front panel operation for CD playback. Control for streaming and general DLNA/UPnP playback is via the (free) mconnect control point app for both Android and Apple devices; mconnect’s volume control also enables the use of headless players and renderers.

The first product to launch in Mk IV guise, the Pulse IV amplifier (also £2,295), is the perfect partner for the Stream IV which Leema say is the “ideal ‘hub’ for contemporary music-listening” with its phono stage for vinyl playback, Bluetooth connectivity and seven digital inputs, enabling a huge range of additional devices to connect.

Leema Acoustics’ ex-BBC sound engineers have reworked both the Stream and Pulse for the modern age, improving performance over their respective predecessors while adding contemporary features, including the MM/MC phono stage (taken from Leema’s standalone Essentials phono stage), aptX Bluetooth, plus streaming from connected devices.

Pulse IV £2,295; Stream IV £2,295. Both are available now in black and silver.


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