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Well known UK retailer Russ Andrews contacted us to tell us about a trio of new kit have in stock.Russ_Andres_balanced_mains

PowerKord Mains Cables £150 – £440
PowerKord-100™ is the first in Russ Andrew’s range of new PowerKords and
builds on the PowerKord-100™ with the PowerKord-300™ having twice as many separately-insulated woven conductors.
PowerKord-500™ is the top-of-the-range PowerKord and uses 24 separately-insulated conductors.

Balanced Mains Unit BMU1000 £1,588
New for 2014, all Russ Andrews Balanced Mains Units (pictured) feature SuperSilent precision wound, adjustable transformer which is said to virtually eliminate any transformer noise.
A balanced mains units split the mains supply, resulting in 115V on live and 115V on neutral (rather than 230V on live and 0V on neutral). You don’t need to make any modifications to your existing equipment to enable it to work on a balanced mains supply.

The AbZorber £528
Designed by Ben Duncan, the Russ Andrews AbZorber is a type of mains filter that is said to work to reduce the effects of spike activity and noise in Hi-Fi and home cinema systems.


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