Tangent Audio has announced the launch of two new wireless audio products, the Spectrum DAB/FM radio and W1 wireless multi-room speaker with built-in Chromecast audio.

Spectrum DAB: Tangent’s new Spectrum DAB (pictured) offers Digital DAB radio functionality, all housed within one compact sized speaker system. The Tangent Spectrum DAB allows fast access to hundreds of stations whilst listening via FM, DAB and the new DAB+. If you want to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks or other audio sources from your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can easily connect the Tangent Spectrum DAB to your device wirelessly via Bluetooth, or the AUX (mini-jack) jack on the rear panel using the cable supplied.

The Tangent Spectrum DAB features side-firing, full-range speaker drive units on each side of the cabinet. It has EQ sound settings, you can also choose from 8 audio presets. The Tangent Spectrum DAB is available in black or white matt finishes with the walnut veneer, wooden base plinth. The Spectrum DAB has a central multifunction button and a high-res. colour LED display and touch button controls.

Spectrum W1: The new Tangent Spectrum W1 features both Bluetooth and Google Chromecast  to stream your favourite music from any portable mobile device. Google Chromecast enables you to stream music wirelessly using your Wi-Fi network and is easy and without the need of complex installation or troublesome pairing between the speaker and mobile devices. Simply open Spotify, Google Play Music or another music or radio app and tap the Cast button on your mobile device.

During playback, you can control the music selection and volume of the speaker manually or directly from your mobile device. Once the speaker is streaming, you can answer calls on the phone, play a game or move around without interrupting your music. When you can’t access a Wi-Fi network and want to stream music or radio to your Tangent Spectrum W1, simply pair your mobile device with the speaker wirelessly via Bluetooth, or connect the speaker with the cable supplied using the AUX (mini jack) input on the rear panel.

Like the Spectrum DAB, the W1 features twin, full-range drive units housed in each side of the cabinet  8 pre-set EQ audio settings and the clean and minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic with durable black or white matt finishes with walnut veneer wooden base plinth.

Tangent’s new Spectrum DAB/FM BT radio and Spectrum W1 multi-room speakers are available now in the UK at £179.99 each


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