Technics have announced the launch of their « Grand » range of components which will be made up of the SU-G30 (pictured below) network amp which will retail for £3500 (or thereabouts) and will, as the name suggests be an amp and streamer in one The second unit will be a music server ST-G30 which will allow users to rip their CD collection and save to the onboard Network Attached Storage drive.SU6G30-Technics-q;p

In addition to these two units the company is also adding an all in one system to their Premium range called the Ottava SC-C500 which will have a CD player, streaming capability, will be wirelessly connected and will come with a pair of speakers. Price for this is going to be in the region of £2000.technics-qttqvq-;usic-syste;

There is also going to be a bnew direct drive turntable from the company, following Panasonics unveiling of a prototype at the IFA in Berlin. Interesting times…TECHNICSTTNEZS

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