B.M.C. Audio (Balanced Music Concept) has introduced the new PureVox speaker. The PureVox is B.M.C.’s bmcentry-level speaker and the cpmpany claime a number of innovations for the speaker.

Most conventional  speakers have good depth of  image in the centre of the sound-stage, but much less so at the sides.  Responsible for this lack of realism are the distorted frequency responses outside of the speaker axis say BMC. The PureVox’ quasi-bi-polar design is said to “dramatically improve the  sound-stage’s depth impression at the sides, making the sound- stage more complete and realistic”.

The body of the PureVox’s cabinet is made of a single piece of extruded aluminum, with a varying thickness to reduce internal resonances. Several inside layers of a “molten-in” damping material and stabilization bars at the remaining resonance points are included to “make the cabinet perfectly quiet”.
This was quite a challenge for the manufacturing process since a 1200 ton pressure is required for such big body extrusion!
The cabinet is sealed, “eliminating the bass-reflex resonance that can sound like blowing air into an empty bottle. The power of the drivers and the cabinet’s low energy loss more than compensate for any loss of oomph in the sound.”
The PureVox is a quasi-balanced speaker, which means the same driver set is on the front as is on the 45-degree angled rear of the top. This includes two 6.9-inch Kevlar / fibreglass bass / midrange drivers in a quasi-bipolar configuration. The PureVox’s configuration also includes two powerful AMT tweeters, with strong motor / weight ratio.
Depending on the country the PureVox will be available from March from authorized B.M.C. Audio dealers at a suggested price of EUR 4500 or USD 6,400 per pair.


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