When Band Of Gold released their debut album in the autumn of 2015, they were surprise for many people. The duo of Nina Elisabeth Mortvedt and Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen had been staples of the Norwegian music scene for a while but Band Of Gold was a project that they very much worked on quietly in the background. Upon release it was clear that the album deserved its chance to live, as critics clamoured to praise it, eventually awarding them the 2016 Nordic Music Prize.

In 2017 Band Of Gold are no longer a secret. Now there are expectations. I Wanna Dance With You Again sees the band arrange their sophisticated, spacious, warm, thoughtful sound into something that scales news heights for them.

Talking of the track, Mortvedt comments; “With this song we want to wrap our listeners in passion and yearning. This song is for that secret person that would make you stay on the dancefloor forever. The dreamy hot night that would make October feel like mid July.”

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