On Friday, June 30, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/producer/instrumentalist—JOSH JACOBSON—releases the second single, “Tethered,” from his highly anticipated debut EP, First Light. “Tethered” bridges together JACOBSON’s soulful vocals revealing truths of a tangled romance, with dreamy tones developed simply by bells, trumpet, violin, and synths. It’s the perfect showcase of his uncanny ability to project his innermost thoughts through a blissful stream of post-electronic vibes.

The EP acts as a gateway into the inner workings of JACOBSON during an emotionally impactful time in his life–relating to his fans in an organic way without having to reveal details beyond the emotion of each song. “Tethered” follows suit in this capacity, as JACOBSON says: “Tethered” is at its core a song about coming to terms with the fact that even the most meaningful connections can be temporary…but on a deeper level it’s about the whole concept of learning to live in a state of constant flux.

Having already toured across the country with First Light–from his first SXSW in Austin, TX and Miami Music Week (where he headlined the grand-opening of Floyd, a speakeasy club under Space), to headlining a Northside Festival showcase at Knitting Factory Brooklyn on Saturday (6/10)-—JACOBSON has been able to prove hit talent beyond symbolic lyricism and production, but as a mesmerizing sensation on-stage as well. Stay tuned for future First Light tour dates to be announced soon.

Further, in collaboration with Sony RED, JOSH JACOBSON announces the launch of his new label—Joshua Tree Records. The first releases on the label will be “Tethered” and “Fence” which are included on his debut EP–First Light–with plans to release future projects both from JACOBSON and other collaborators creating music in the same vein.

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