VARVARA from Finland celebrates their 10th anniversary with a brand new single called ”Weatherman” to be released 17th March worldwide via their own label and musicians collective Haminian Sounds. The new single follows the turbo charged triple-guitar powerpop path found on their third album ”Death Defying Tricks” released last year. The new single is the first official release captured live in the bands career and it was recorded and mixed by Lauri Eloranta (Disco Ensemble, Pää Kii!, Melrose, Damn Seagulls etc.). Single will be available in digital formats and limited edition 7” vinyl.

”We got loads of material for album 4. Theres so much of it that we decided to record an extra single. So we went to studio with Mr. Lauri Eloranta and did it – LIVE! It’s 10 years of rocking and 4th album coming out this year. It will be great. It will be spectacular! There will definitely be a party! We are also gonna do some gigs during the spring. We’ll let you know some specific dates later. Keep your eyes and ears open!” – Mikko Kiri

he bands third full length album ”Death Defying Tricks” was released in Finland in January 2016 via the bands own Haminian Sounds imprint. Produced by the band themselves the album was mixed in Stockholm by Pelle Gunnerfeldt, who’s best known from his work with many international success stories such as The Hives and Refused. The album got great response in media with rave reviews and for the first time in the bands history the music was also released and promoted outside the Finnish borders. ”Death Defying Tricks” was released in Germany and in the UK in the end of 2016 and have got great feedback from leading rock and alternative music media such Classic Rock, SLAM!, Clash and others. During January 2017 the band also made their first shows in Germany.

VARVARA is currently preparing to record their 4th full-length album for late 2017 release. During the Spring the band will play couple of live shows in Finland and abroad. The first date for the Spring will be at Pintandwefall record release party at Suisto in Hämeenlinna on 18th March. More dates will be announced later together with a music video for Weatherman single.

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