Titan Audio have released a new entry level, Styx power cable and mains distribution block.

The power cable retails at £50 and the mains block for £150. Like all other Titan Audio products, these were developed in using collaborative research in current delivery and resistance with Queens University, Belfast.

Styx mains block highlights are:

  • Internally wired with high quality OFC copper cables rather than busbars.
  • Has twice the current delivery from all sockets than a standard mains block as measured by Queens University, Belfast 
  • Uses aluminium side panels and acrylic side panels to reduce magnetic and RFI interference.
  • The acrylic side panels reduce vibration and raise the block off the floor to remove vibration from loudspeakers.
  • The screws which attach the acrylic panels are torqued to reduce vibration and are made from Japanese high tensile steel.
  • Titan claim it is the first commercial product of its kind to feature full internal hard wiring at its £150 price point. 
  • Products come with Titan Audio’s Lifetime Warranty upon registration




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