Goldmund is known for building speakers like the huge Apologue Anniversary, extremely powerful amplifiers such as theLogos Tower + Metis Tower Telos 5000, or players like the Eidos Reference Blue. But not everybody is an audiophile wishing to have a dedicated listening room for heavy audio equipment. For most of us music is part of our lives, but we are not willing to organize our lives around our audio system.

So Goldmund has decided to diversify its speaker line to offer more choice to interior design focused customers. The Logos and Metis Towers are a first initiative in this direction and their acoustic laboratory is working on several more designs.

The Towers are made in anodized aluminum. This material is made specially and exclusively for Goldmund. Their top is a gold plated plaque engraved with the Goldmund logo and their feet are adjustable thanks to screws with the same golden finish.

The Logos and Metis Towers are wireless speakers that you can play directly from computer with a USB dongle.

The Metis tower is wireless only, whereas the Logos Tower can be used with coaxial cables. Both can function with a simple hub like the Goldmund Mimesis 11 to connect several sources, including televisions, players etc. With a few satellite speakers, they can also make perfect multichannel systems.

Apart from their size (the Metis tower is slightly smaller than the Logos) the two models have different efficiencies (86,5 dB at 2,82 V/1 m for the Metis Tower, and 100dB for the Logos Tower).


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