Pennsylvanian two-piece Slingshot Dakota follow-up last year’s all-too-excellent “Break” LP on Topshelf with two more songs recorded in those same sessions. The unreleased songs make up the “Broken” EP, a 7” co-release between Topshelf Records (US) & Specialist Subject (UK) and its A-side, the cathartic, righteous pop of “Grudge” premieres today over at DIY.

Carly Comando, keys and vocals says this of the track:

“I wrote “Grudge” as an ode to all of my experiences in which I have been written off, ignored, spoken over, steamrolled and treated unfairly because of my gender. This song is a way to share this anger with others who feel alienated, whether it’s in their music communities or elsewhere, so that we realize we aren’t alone. I’ve learned to cut toxic people out of my life and to spend less energy on situations that make me unhappy, but I am still constantly battling inequality in the scene I spend most of my time in. This song means as much to me now as it did when I wrote it.”

Slingshot Dakota will head to the UK for their long-awaited first dates there since 2012 to play these shows with Petal (Run For Cover Records):



6th Bristol – Deadpunk Special

8th Manchester – Retro Bar

9th Glasgow – Hug & Pint

10th Leeds – Wharf Chamber

11th Nottingham – JT Soar

12th Southampton – Joiners

13th London – DIY Space For London

14th Brighton – The Hope

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